TK 160/200


160/200 lt bowls, made of 2.5 mm thick stainless steel 304, mounted on Ø 100 mm wheels and equipped with an external handle for moving. Controls on the front and sides for lifting the bowl and start/stop of the work cycle.


The planetary mixer is raised from the ground for easy cleaning. It rests on four non-slip anti-vibration rubber feet. All parts are painted with nontoxic paint and the tool area, as well as the tools themselves, are made of stainless steel 304. As standard, the machine is equipped with a steel guard to protect the tool (an optional removable and washable steel grille is available). The tool’s planetary motion is no longer created in the usual way, but uses a system the prevents any contact between the lubricated area and the mixing area.


Double controls at the front ensure that the operator is present while lifting the bowl and starting the mixer. The emergency buttons are located in several points on the machine and stop the tool rapidly thanks to the brake motor and a redundant protection system.


Driven by a 11,5 (TK 200) and 9.2 kW (TK 160) three-phase asynchronous motor, with long-life POLY-V belt transmission. The reduction gears, including the planetary motion, are ground and tempered and in an oil bath with life-lubrication. The machine is equipped with an alarm diagnostic system with a display panel.


The machine is equipped with a programmable CPU with a 5.7” colour touch-screen panel interface, which can work in three modes. Manual: selecting one of 16 speeds. The planetary gear rotates at 30 to 120 rpm, while the tool goes from 100 to 440 rpm. Semi-automatic: selecting one of the 16 speeds, you can set the work cycle duration. Automatic: A complete work cycle can consist of three distinct phases. For each phase the tool speed, time and pause can be selected. Up to 20 programs can be stored, each of which can be renamed and selected from a library where the product name is entered.

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