The C-Line Planetary Mixers were specifically designed for confectionary productions. Not only attractively priced, but the machines require minimal to no maintenance. The design and features of the C-LINE Series Planetary Mixers allow one to carry out very precise work cycles. One of the main features contributing to precise operation is the simple Control Panel. The panel allows the operator to control mixing time and speed. Use of the various mixing utensils, which are easily and quickly changed, guarantee gentle, gradual and homogenous mixing. All these features make the C-Line 10/20/40/60/80 Planetary Mixers ideal to whip (i.e. mousse and creams) and also to mix small quantities of dough.


Technical features:

The structure is composed of a durable stainless steel carpentry. The safety grid is of stainless steel and plexiglass and the head section is covered by specially thermoformed shatter proof plastic safety cover. The various inner drive components are of a durable and unique stainless steel, while the transmission gears are constructed of rectified stainless steel nickel chrome molybdenum. The special attention paid to mechanical fortitude makes this machine quite and robust. Particular attention has also been paid to the incorporated safety features. The safety grid, when raised, makes the bowl lowering. The machine is endowed with a special tool arresting system. Once the machine is turned off, the rotation of the mixing tools immediately cease.

  • Control panel “C-line 3V”: 3 speeds with selector.
  • Control panel “C-line V.V”: Timer, electronic variable speed.
  • Whip, spiral, hook, spatula.

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