Tekno Stamap designs, develops and manufactures dough-processing systems and machinery for bakery and pastry industries.

Founded in 1982 by Antonio Baldovin and Remigio Dante, Tekno Stamap straightaway stood out in the market of mechanical equipment for the food industry; over the years, it has enriched its offer with dough sheeters (manual or automatic) and planetary mixers, still today constituting the core of the company’s production. More recently, our range of products has been further integrated with croissant machines and make-up lines for bread, pizza and pastries. This is what allows us to provide our final clients (mainly resellers and producers from large restaurant services) with the dough-processing equipment required by their activities.

Tekno Stamap manufactures internally almost all machine components, thereby actually establishing an autonomous production line: the design, development and assembling phases are entirely carried out within the company’s plants with significant advantages, among which the possibility of maintaining a highly competitive quality-cost ratio. Innovative design, state-of-the-art technology and top-notch quality are the factors completing the offer of a by now global brand.

For more than 4 decades now, Tekno Stamap has been writing its own history of success, both at a national and international level. Born as a Vicenza-based firm, it has nowadays become an affirmed global reality, with branches in Europe, Japan, South Africa, Asia and North and Latin America. The client can find in Tekno Stamap a dynamic, autonomous, reliable, flexible and technologically advanced commercial partner and a thriving business as well.


Tekno Stamap has gained a significant share of global market thanks to its expertise, state-of-the-art technology and attention to the client’s needs. The mission statement of our company is to constantly improve the offer of appliances, all the while maintaining high quality and technological standards and investing in research and development of the production process.

Tekno Stamap aims at becoming an international benchmark in the sector of professional dough-processing machinery for the bakery and pastry industry.