Quality and customer assistance

The excellent technical assistance services offered by Tekno Stamap are managed by our highly specialized staff and the manufacturing process of all items always takes into account advice from the final client, in order to meet his requests. In all our branches located worldwide, efficiency in customization and technical assistance is a distinctive trait that encourages international resellers in the field to continue their fruitful collaboration with Tekno Stamap

The capacity to put on the market a range of appliances designed, developed and assembled within our plants marks another considerable advantage for our firm, as the final client can be assured a rapid and effective response to all its needs.

Every product undergoes thorough quality controls lasting months and is further tested before delivery: duration tests are added to final functional ones in order to guarantee the perfect state of all components. A constant monitoring of security standards and an extreme care for details are the elements completing a commercial offer suiting the requests of the most demanding client.

Technology and environment

Tekno Stamap presents itself as an extremely competitive reality on the international market thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies enhancing high quality and cost reductions.

The company’s main distinctive trait is a totally autonomous production process: manufacturing phases ranging from design and development to assembling are independently carried forward within Tekno Stamap plants by virtue of an extensive expertise consolidated over the years and integrated by considerable investments in research.

Capacity of cleverly anticipating market’s requests and the high technical specialization achieved in all production areas have brought Tekno Stamap to realize original prototypes to be introduced in the sector of professional restaurant industry. All components are strictly certified as Made in Italy and Made in EU and therefore represent an example of top quality standards.

State-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly practices safeguarding also the client’s health are acknowledged as equally important concepts in Tekno Stamap’s commercial philosophy; as a matter of fact, the company can take pride in energy self-sufficiency, due to a photovoltaic system largely covering internal needs. Moreover, all machine components in contact with food are coated in nontoxic paint certified for food use. The guarantee of complete safety is made possible by a thorough monitoring activity of internal production lines.