AUTOSMART 123, with its 123 mm diameter cylinders, allows you to work very hard dough and to obtain very thin thicknesses. AUTO 123 is available with 700 mm wide tables, to process even larger quantities of dough.

In all models the "intelligent logic" "touch screen" makes programming extremely simple and intuitive. It is possible to set 50 programs and different work cycles in sequence, programming the starts, stops, descents and ascents of the calibrating cylinders according to your thickness needs. The new flour duster and the "no-stress" winding roller, completely automatic, allow to further reduce processing times. Starting from medium productions reaching the satisfaction of industrial needs, these machines represent a reliable and irreplaceable tool.


Tehnical features:

  • Cylinder positioning with vertical movement
  • Sheeting cylinders diameter 123 mm
  • Variable belt speed from 20 to 120 cm / sec
  • 8-inch color "touch screen" panel
  • Automatic rewinder "no-stress" system
  • Automatic flour duster with adjustable quantity of flour



  • Dough width programming
  • Roller cutting system and variable speed

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