The MULTI LAMINATION LINE allows production of a continuous sheet of dough of required thickness. The number of lamination heads and length of the line depend on the thickness of dough to obtain. For this reason the multi lamination line can be assembled with 2 - 4 or 6 lamination heads and automatic flour dusters

  • Control unit with photocells for dough inlet and outlet from laminating cylinders. Cylinders gap to be read through digital display. Adjustable speed for laminating cylinders
  • The multi lamination line is available with 2 - 4 or 6 lamination groups

Technical Features  
Lamination cylinder diameter mm 84 o 123
Conveyor belt width mm 700 mm
Variable speed with inverter mt./min. from 1 to 9 mt
Motor power: every 2 lamination heads 2,2 Kw

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